The Gallery

“Eleanor tells me men aren’t built to understand a woman’s pain. One day all the girls in the world will rise up and men won’t know what’s hit them.” Elise Porlock

“That exquisite sense I’ll never really know who you are and the danger it could all collapse in on us and take us down to the bottom of the earth.” Madeline Everard

“Nowhere to go. Not even a mirror through which I can see outside, and wait for a glimpse of Sir Lancelot to ride past and lure me to cursed freedom.” Kirsten Atwood

“Imagine this is a resurrection machine, bringing to life ancient voices from the past. Just remember how much I love you.” Eleanor Waverley

“When you were little, I used to read Arabian Nights to you in bed. Telling stories are sometimes the only thing that gives us hope.” Jacqueline Eliot

“The last thing I feel like now is a kid. Which I suppose is what I wanted and why we started.” Lucy Butler

“He got up close with his stinking whisky breath and spoke about those Ripper killings. Talked to me like I was one of them poor girls who got butchered.” Elsie Waverley

“They’re frightened, that’s why. Of time, insignificance, the unknown, our never-ending rotation through the infinite sky until we’re finally swallowed by the stars.” Mary Ann Davenport

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